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Our approach is to offer the market out-of-the-box standard products that can be implemented within the shortest possible time and of high quality even at large enterprises. Alongside with significant inputs to the software we actively invest in the development of maintenance and support technology.

It is really important that all products we offer are open systems and can be easily customized according to the specific business needs. At the same time our products even being offered like OOTB significantly surpass any competitor in Russia. Everyone can see it for sure just having a glance at the solution charts represented by this site.

ASTOR systems contain various components: range management, stock and price management, loyalty management, merchandising, BI, cell-based storage warehousing, finance management, production etc.

Well-designed licensing policy allows purchasing the said components separately thus securing customer’s investments.

And last but not least very important feature of our products is their high performance. Our "1C” platform can work really fast!

ASTOR's Customers – who are they?

For the long period of our activity we have been providing automation services for more than 14,000 stores. Our customers are more than 550 large retail chains in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Georgia that operate food and non-food retail, DIY, droggery, cash&carry business; they are satisfied with us and introduce us to other participants of the market.

WMS class logistics systems by ASTOR are used to provide automation for retail chain distribution centres, wholesale companies, products and raw materials storage facilities of manufacturing companies, as well as consignment warehouses.

Transport management systems (TMS) facilitate to solve transport logistics tasks and help big enterprises to manage in-company or rental fleet.

ASTOR solutions for catering business automation are used by traditional restaurants, fast-food chains, large companies’ and institutions’ cafeteria. Our systems are actively operated by the largest cinema chains, entertainment & leisure centres.

It should be noted that among ASTOR’s customers there are large international companies like Yves Rocher, Louis Vuitton, С&A, Volkswagen and many others.

Innovations. Continuous development

ASTOR systems undergo continuous development process. All our customers actively utilize our Product Update technology. It allows them to keep up with industry technological development and securing their investments at the same time.

ASTOR both develops and implements business-wise ERP systems. We are one of the largest special-purpose equipment suppliers:

1. Cash registers and POS equipment

2. Self-Service Checkouts

3. Handheld Terminals

4. Electronic scales

5. Bar-code scanners

Furthermore we go ahead. Our Research & Development division is in constant search for the next-generation technologies. Particularly we offer and implement retail projects where Self-Service Checkouts are involved, we also use RFID in the processes, actively promote E-Commerce and Omni-channel retail. Our investments into own development allow our customers to gain significant advantage over competition and operate the functionality meeting today’s demand of the competitive market.